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Medical Print Solution for Ultrasound | CT | MRI | PET CT Images

At Medimages, we providing print solution for medical imaging print solutions since 2011. Medimages is aiming to provide high quality and cost-effective. For USG | X-Ray | CT | MRI | PET-CT | GAMMA. Medimages Imaging Print Solution (MIPS) to Hospitals, Diagnostic Centers, Radiologists, Sonologists, Health care centers, Nuclear Medicine Centers, Mobile Health Care Centers. MIPS business module is an end-to-end solutions without any capital expenses and comprises of printer, software, ink, paper/film, maintenance, and services. We only charge based on PER PRINT.

We like to do things our own way, and to have total control on our products.

Medimages Medical Print Solution

We Cover 

With our software products range, we cover all aspects of the medical imaging workflow. No matter if your need is to reliably archive medical images, or to distribute them on the web or on digital media, or to view them at diagnostic quality, or to print them on film or paper media, or to acquire patient data to be embedded into medical images: we have the appropriate solution for your needs!

We care about interoperability

PACS Software

We believe interoperability is a key factor in the medical imaging environment. For this reason, all our software products comply with established international standards, such as DICOM, IHE and HL7.
All our software products are designed with integrability in mind, and support documented integration interfaces: we want to allow our customers to integrate our PACS server with their existing RIS, or to couple our web-enabled DICOM viewing solution with their existing third-party PACS server.

We take product quality and safety very seriously

Diagnostic-level medical imaging software is considered as a medical device according to several international regulations. Our products guarantee wide compliance with these regulations: they are certified as class I or class II medical devices, as a demonstration of our dedication to their quality and safety.

Quality Matters
Care About Our Customer

We care about our customers

We work hard to establish a real cooperation with all our customers and partners. We strive to always exceed customers’ expectations in all phases: from the pre-sales support to the purchase process, from the assistance in the installation and configuration of our products, to the technical support in the development and setup of complex integrations. We are aware that our customers’ satisfaction is a key factor also for us as a company: that’s why it is an essential part of our mission.

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