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Fulfilling the need for hard copies in the PACS digital world
DICOM Print Server Software

Today most medical institutions have adopted a fully-digital diagnostic workflow: radiologists normally perform their diagnosis directly on the screen of dedicated workstations. Nevertheless, there is still the need to take medical images out of the hospital, for instance to provide copies of the exam images to the patient, or to accompany the report for the referring physician.

A "hard copy" of the acquired medical images is certainly the most immediate and effective mean for most users. DICOM Link makes producing hard copies of medical images a snap!

Looking for an alternative to printing medical images on film?
DICOM Print Server

The DICOMLink software solution turns your office printer into a full-featured DICOM printer. DICOMLink is able to receive print requests directly from modality’s console, then to translate them to standard Windows print requests, and to forward them to your favourite office printer(s). A system made up of a PC running DICOMLink, plus a standard office paper printer, fully replaces a DICOM film printer. Implied cost savings are huge, and the system pays itself in a few weeks.

Near - Diagnostic print quality
DICOM Print Server

When coupled with a high-quality paper printer, DICOMLink allows obtaining hard copies of near-diagnostic quality. Thanks to its intuitive and powerful user interface, DICOMLink offers advanced tools to optimize image quality, even in a modality-specific way.

Powerful marketing tool for medical centers

DICOMLink allows customizing printed sheets with personalized headers and footers, including both text and images. Medical institutions may include their own logo, message or slogan on every printed sheet, also including color of course. Nice-looking printed sheets will satisfy patients and will act as a powerful marketing tool for the medical center.

DICOM Print Server
DICOM Print Server
Robust, reliable, supported, certified

Medimages has more than 10 years of experience in the medical imaging and DICOM fields. Over all these years, DICOMLink has been continuously improved and enriched with new functionalities. Choosing DICOMLink means choosing a robust, highly-reliable, hassle-free, professionally-supported, standards and regulations-compliant DICOM printing solution. Hundreds of installations all around the world are there to witness the value of this product.

DICOM Print Server Software

Need an immediate communication mean to couple with diagnostic reports?
DICOM Print Server

Paper hardcopies of medical images are the most immediate, effective and comfortable communication mean for the patient and the referring physician, when coupled with the diagnostic report. Paper hard copies are easy to annotate,

Cheap and environment-friendly distribution of medical images

Printing paper copies of medical images through DICOMLink is very cheap (few cents per sheet), but still very useful and valuable for patients and referring physicians. Final disposal of paper copies is trouble-free and environment friendly, differently from final disposal of film sheets.

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