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A smarter way to go DR

Medimages’s retrofit solutions use a single wireless detector to convert your existing imaging equipment – both rooms and mobiles – to full digital operation, quickly and cost effectively. Leverage your current investment and upgrade to DR productivity.


DR Retrofit Solution

Wireless Cassette
14″ x 17″ Imaging Area
Scintillator Matrix: 3072 x 2560
Pixel Pitch: 140 μm
DQE Performance: > 71% @ 0 lp/mm
Product Dimensions: 46.0 x 38.4 x 1.5 cm



  • Medical and Veterinary

  • Mobile Healthcare


Special Features

  • Magnetic folding handle for easier transport

  • Full-field AED for broad system compatibility

  • Pre-calibrated panels for easy out-of-box imaging

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