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DICOM Print Software
  • With Life time service *Free*

  • Easy Configuration

  • Admin Authorization

  • Print Count setting

  • All Kind of CR/DR/CT/MRI image can be printed

  • Multiple port configuration

  • Multiple DICOM modalities can be connected

  • Film handling upto 8x10, 10x12, 13x17, A4, A3

  • Color/Greyscale option available

  • Separate Brightness/Contrast/Gamma option for enhance image quality setting

  • Logo setting available

DICOM Print Software


The inkjet printing usage on the medical radiology image is the revolution in the medical radiology image hard copy, It greatly reduces the cost of the film consumption meanwhile it is the more environmental than thermal and laser film. The most important is the colorized medical 3D reconstruction image can be perfectly outputted by DICOM inkjet printing system. This is the unique feature of inkjet printing that the thermal and laser medical film. The inkjet printing system composed by 3 parts: i.e. DICOM software. The medical radiology image conforms to the DICOM 3.0 international medical communication standards.

The DICOM Software can ensure the image output to meet the request of medical radiology image clarity. This software is compatible with all the brand of CR, DR, CT, MRI etc. medical radiology equipment. It also can directly connect with the hospital workstation. Each channel can set the different curve parameters then meet the quality request of different image such as DR, CT, MRI etc.

  • The printing curve can adjust image quality.

  • Resolution 9600 x 2400dpi, the max density more than 3.0.

  • Color and Black & White printing possible.

  • The printing system can be lock and ensure the exclusive supplier and printing material.

Software Interface

dicom print software
dicom print software
dicom print software

Password Login

Recharge Counter


Set Header / Footer

Set Dark Factor

Set Film Size

dicom print software
dicom print software
dicom print software
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